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5 Ways To Increase Your Daily Productivity

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Sleeping at 3 in the night and waking up late is what I did all through my late teens. I thought I was being productive, working till late in the night. It also seemed like the cooler thing to do as all my peers too, were proud night owls. While those post midnight hours did give me the quiet I needed to concentrate on studies, in the long run, my health was affected terribly! And the late night munchies only made matters worse.

Ultimately, I was forced to make a shift to being a day girl. Instead of sleeping late, I started waking up early and those early morning hours gave me the same deep silence to work. In addition, I got a wonderful headstart and a better control over my day.

So waking up early remains my top hack to give my productivity a boost. I am extremely grateful that I got introduced to the early morning way of life: once a morning girl, always a morning girl!

Some small, everyday changes is all it takes to make more time and manage it efficiently. Sharing my five go-to productivity increasing hacks below:

1. Begin your day early

Waking up early gives you a couple of extra hours to complete your daily tasks and you have a better chance of reaching your work goals.

2. Choose Single-tasking

Give your 100% to one task at a time instead of juggling 4-5 things simultaneously. Focusing on a single task gives you better concentration as the mind is more relaxed.

3. Write down your goals for the day

Put down your to-do list on paper. This way, the mind knows what to expect, what exact goals to work towards and avoid distractions along the way.

4. Have a “Brain dump” notebook by your side

I face this a lot personally: I’d be working on something important and my mind would wander off to an impending house chore. Having one place to keep a tab of all your small, everyday to-do’s that distract you while working is super helpful! It could even be a whatsapp group with yourself (changed my life, honestly).

5. Break down a big task into micro tasks

Most often, if a task at hand is too big or complicated, we end up holding it off for another day. So it’s best to break it into manageable actions and smaller milestones.

Got a tried and tested hack that works for you? Share it in the comments below!

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