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An Easy Guide To Slow Walking Meditation

Evening is the time when the mind carries the impressions of the whole day and is racing assessing what we achieved during the day, what more could have been done and what to do the next day.

Also, the body is restless and tired. Slow walking meditation helps me to slow down and put a break to the racing mind while the body relaxes in the lap of nature in a quiet park.

Here’s a technique that will help you find stillness even while moving. The next time you’re in a park, try walking slowly and mindfully to practice ‘meditation in motion’.

How it helps

  • Leaves you feeling calmer

  • Grounds you and brings you to the present

  • Increases blood circulation

  • Helps relieve anxiety

  • Makes you a more aware person

How to practice

Pick a peaceful place where you can walk without any obstacles.

Begin with a few deep breaths to anchor yourself.

Start walking and pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and movements.

Slow down your speed to a level that you are aware of every leg lift and muscle movement.

You’ll gradually feel your thoughts slowing down and stress melting away!

Walk mindfully for at least 10 minutes every day to feel the difference: my favourite time is post-dinner, just before I wrap up my day!

PS. Here is an 8-minute guided podcast to play while practicing slow walking to keep yourself in the present moment.

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